Bahrain minister says Israel deal strengthens kingdom in face of Iran threat

The interior minister of Bahrain said on Monday that the normalization deal with Israel was not a disavowal of the Palestinians, but a move to fortify the kingdom in light of the security threat from Iran. “It is not an abandonment of the Palestinian cause… it is to strengthen Bahrainis’ security and their economic stability,” said Rashid bin Abdullah Al Khalifa, according to the Reuters news agency. “If Palestine is our Arab cause, then Bahrain is our fateful cause.” “Iran has chosen to behave in a dominating way in several forms and has become a constant danger that harms our internal security,” Khalifa said. “The regional situation makes us deal with ongoing threats for the past years, in which most of them were deterred. It isn’t wise to see the threat and wait for it to reach us if we can in any way avoid it.”