Christian MP 'furious' the Church wasn't noisy enough about reopening of churches

A Christian MP has told Premier Christians did not put enough pressure on the UK Government to reopen churches. Derek Thomas, Conservative MP for St Ives, said although he's happy churches can open for services on 4th July, Christians could have done more to lobby on the issue. "I am inwardly furious… that the Church… and I absolutely include myself… have not been noisy enough and working enough to make the case for churches and places of worship to open again," he said. "I've had huge numbers of meetings with every sector you can possibly imagine. I've had meetings with other Christians, in fellowship with other church leaders, but I've had no pressure whatsoever from any church leader until this week to even consider opening up churches. "And yet we live in a country where enormous numbers of people really benefit and enjoy the fellowship of others, the close community of church, and what we can do in being salt and light in our communities. " Mr Thomas accused Christians of being passive on the issue and leaving it up to the government to take the lead.