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Leading experts at Tel Aviv cybersecurity conference weigh pros and cons of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, and the risks of blockchain technology in financial transactions
PM asserts that 'everyone ate from food' his wife is alleged to have ordered illegally, claims charges are based on 'an illegal procedure' and 'won't hold water'
Israeli seat empty in plenary session Friday. Diplomats in Geneva say Jerusalem has reduced its ties with the controversial rights body since US quit on Tuesday
Guides for the iconic Israel journey chase off a contingent of anti-Occupation activists approaching participants with pamphlets, snacks -- and an uncertainty of the trip's intent
Video shows detonation of IDF patrol vehicle, subsequent escape; Lebanese media claims army uncovered Israeli spying device near border
Devices discovered near security checkpoints; incident comes after 2 IEDs thrown at forces in city this week
Suicide might have been the most rational thing I could have done, and what saved me isn't rational at all
All countries must support long-term structural change in energy systems worldwide
Cyprus summit includes conference of three nations' defense industries to bolster collaboration
Sara Netanyahu's charges over takeout charges may be small taters, but they point to larger problems, and the prosecution would rather focus on even bigger issues anyway
Ramadan 'beautification' effort was deliberately provocative, part of bid to erase traces of pre-Muslim era heritage, claims activist-archaeologist; Israeli authorities checking
US envoys wrap up Middle East tour after whirlwind visits to Egypt, Jordan, Qatar, Saudi Arabia
Separating parents and children severs the cord tethering people to their own humanity and to God
The terror group is holding its subjects in Gaza hostage in a dangerous gambit to improve their lot while retaining its military strength
Our lives may feel depressingly inconsequential, but they have immense purpose (Hukat)
Monitor reports bombing raid targeted a government position in a desert area in the central province of Homs
Top Jewish attorney Gordon Nardell said to have links to party's hard-left leadership and members accused of bigotry, including founder of Facebook group with Holocaust deniers
The Times of Israel Presents episodes 3, 4 & 5 of Israel’s 'men in black' comedy – with a repeat showing of episodes 1 & 2 at the Jerusalem Cinematheque, June 27
Officers arrest man who claims to have a bomb; no injuries
Under pressure to withdraw its forces, Tehran tries to turn spotlight on US