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Volume: 14     Issue: 6

Distraction is defeat. Winners look to The Winner - and never look away!

Hell hates holiness. No other explanation need be sought for the global power of political correctness in our day. You can be holy, or you can be ‘PC’ – the attempt to be both will tear you apart. In the first instance, you are freeto please God; in the second you are compelled to please men. Question for in front of the mirror… Who is your Lord – your Creator, or society’s bullies?


Well they would be, once they have discovered Nevin-Shalom Ministries.

Colin Nevin from Bangor, Northern Ireland, shares his vision in founding Nevin-Shalom Ministries..

The Jews and the English have always had a rocky relationship

As the World stumbles on into uncertainty, some things – like hatred or indifference towards Israel - are a constant

Was the apostle John a Greek philosopher... or a Jewish fisherman?

Are you a serious student of the life and ministry of Jesus? Then you must be aware of the life and practices of first century Judaism. The gospels cannot be properly understood apart from their Jewish heritage. The Bible is a Jewish Book!

Are we being fed … or entertained?

“I so love the way he speaks, don't you!” As soon as I hear a recording of Dr Martyn Lloyd Jones' preaching, I am drawn to it as a moth to a bright lamp. The Doctor holds me fascinated as he proclaims God's Word in ringing tones that are unmistakable. His vocabulary range, his enunciation, that Welsh intonation … although long dead, he speaks through the years with an authority that appeals to me enormously! I love it!

Perhaps it is time for another look at this maligned festival?

Rejected gifts? 'Celebrity' apostles? Wake up church!

As a reaction to Roman Catholic claims of miracles, the sixteenthcentury Reformers adopted the erroneous teaching of cessationism, purporting that the various gifts of the Holy Spirit that were active in the first-century church had been suspended by God because they were no longer necessary for the church. With it came an understanding that all of the spiritual gifts of 1 Corinthians 12:4-11 and the ministry gifts of Ephesians 4:11 had ceased to operate in the church.

How he used demonstrations of God’s power to drive home his message

Healing and other Biblical miracles teach us that Yahweh is the one true God, and Yeshua the Messiah. The following examples of the Lord’s triumph over the powers of darkness result in many people placing their faith in the Lord.

And so the story draws to a close. What is in store for us?

In becoming one of us Jesus fulfilled prophecy. But there is a greater fulfilment to come when both the Lord God Almighty and the Lamb will live with mankind for ever.

The first time a person reads through the Bible from cover to cover, coming to the closing chapters of Revelation feels like quite an achievement. The Bible contains an epic story stretching from before time began to beyond the distant future.

The scriptures and prophecies no longer belong to the Jewish people, but to the church. Is that what you believe?

It is obvious that differing views exist within the church concerning the place and role of the Jewish people. A major issue concerns their right to live in their ancient homeland as well as the assertion that the Scriptures and prophecies no longer belong to the Jewish people, but are now the property of the church.

Does history reflect this Divine principle?

Recent stories from Bangladesh, Pakistan, Iran, China, Myanmar and Eritrea

The persecuted turn persecutor as Rohingya Christians are violently attacked within refugee camps in Bangladesh. Barnabas Fund has received news that a tiny and unknown group of Rohingya Christians amongst the 750,000 mainly-Muslim Rohingya people, who fled genocide at the hands of the Myanmar Army as refugees, are now doubly persecuted as they face renewed violence from Muslims within refugee camps in Bangladesh.

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