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Volume: 14     Issue: 1

The staggering answer to this two-millennia-old question is even more breathtaking today – so is the question...

Isaiah shows God's mercy triumphing over His judgments, by describing the time of His gracious acceptance as a 'year', while His vengeance is seen as a 'day'. We are in that day now. 


We didn’t think that we could improve on our March conference in Grange. We were wrong.

Sometimes God turns up unexpectedly in surprising ways. We had great expectations for Foundations 10 in Devon a few weeks ago, but nothing could have prepared us for what happened.

Choices have consequences – what if you don’t choose life…?

The battle for our minds has already been won, praise God! But it’s still raging …

So what’s our part in the battle, if we already have the mind of Christ? Is the renewing of our mind solely the work of the Holy Spirit?

The genocide of Christians is being ignored by the Western media, as a darkness descends over the country of Iraq

Iraq’s Christians continue to suffer hardships persecution and discrimination - and urgently need our support. I started campaigning for Iraqi Christians in 2003, shortly after the US-British invasion of Iraq. Soon after that event Islamic extremists started to conduct ruthless, relentless attacks against Iraq’s Christians.

In His time, God reckons with rebellion. Bible patterns afford stark warnings for our day.

Scripture frequently provides the reasons behind God’s judgments, giving us many examples to help us discern, in advance, the build-up to events themselves. The “Day of the Lord” will be a time of unprecedented judgment. The question presses: ‘Is our generation provoking the Lord’s anger?’

Satan’s final kingdom will be used to separate the righteous from the wicked. But who are the 144,000 standing with the Lamb on Mount Zion?

This is the seventh article in the series ‘12 Revelations of Jesus Christ’ from the book of Revelation. In the previous instalment we looked at Christ and Israel. He still loves the Jews and will protect those who obey Him in these last days. We also saw how that the martyrs for Christ directly contribute to the downfall of Satan.


On average over 500 unborn children are killed by abortion every day in the UK. In the past 50 years, that figure has reached 9 million lives destroyed.

Prime Minister Theresa May has stated that she does not agree with Diana Johnson MP's proposed abortion decriminalisation bill. The Prime Minister reiterated that locally elected politicians in Northern Ireland must decide on the issue there.

“I didn’t understand a word of what that man was talking about. What was it?”

A tale is told of William Wilberforce, the great parliamentarian who committed himself to abolishing the slave trade. Wilberforce was a passionate disciple of the Lord Jesus and when he heard the Scriptures expounded in a manner that made much of His Saviour, his heart would leap. It was none other than the witness of the Holy Spirit within him glorifying Jesus, his Messiah. He longed for his friends to know Him too.

Does the fear of failure subvert our relationships? We need to know this truth – Jesus is with us

For many, the thought of commitment in love brings fear of failure, entrapment or betrayal. But unswerving commitment is made possible because we are not alone.  We have a helper, and with Him we can have confidence because we recognise that we are not our own.

Further evidence of how the Universe evolved? Or further contradictory theories denying the great Creator? 

In 2020-21 it is (almost) certain that ‘life’ will be claimed to have been discovered on Mars. This ‘discovery’ whether real or false, will serve two principle purposes in our age: (1) it will justify and impel further financial investment in the progression of such ‘knowledge’ and (2) it will be used as an affirmation of the various, if often contradictory, theories of evolution.

Though fighting on our knees is essential, passion for the gospel must be our motive for conducting spiritual warfare

Your terrified jailer wants saving… how would you help him?

Issues around the meaning, message and method of salvation – and especially the direct questions of how one can be saved - is a major theme of the book of Acts. This question shapes much of Luke’s narrative, so how we understand and apply the teaching from Acts today will govern much of our mission and ministry.