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Volume: 13     Issue: 3

You are here because? We are reminded of the principal reason for our existence

Foundations – A community of like-minded bible believers with a strong emphasis on sound Bible teaching

The Christian life is not about gathering knowledge, but applying it in our lives. Sometimes we need a nudge or two …

In my last article I sounded the alarm for the Church, something had to change for Christians to be able to deal with the growing madness within Western Culture, that has resulted in a restrictive, controlled environment, fuelled by Cultural Marxism and typified by ‘political correctness’ and all of its offshoots. In short, we need to … live the life. How?

This is the tale of two presidents, both eager to set a precedent for the future status of Jerusalem

Winds of war swirl around Israel, yet the spirit of liberalism and humanism that dominates the modern church blinds many to the truth that God's prophetic word often comes to pass through bloodshed and death – the most obvious example being Messiah's bloody death which fulfilled many prophecies. His resurrection affirms our salvation only because His real death redeemed us.

We are made in His image, but how does that all play out, particularly in the relationship between man and woman?

We saw in Part 1 how the Torah reveals the astonishing fact that God made Man in His image and in His likeness. Yet, if we turn to our newspapers today we read man’s appalling distortion of the truth, and the increasing attempts to advance radical gender ideology, including ignoring differences between the biological sexes.

Aligning ourselves to Divine purposes. Is the Church really where it ought to be?

The classic battle of the ages continues to rage on Planet Earth. The forces of evil and darkness that have aligned themselves against “the Lord and his Messiah” continue to engage in a life-or-death struggle with the forces of righteousness and light. Indeed, they have reinforced themselves and redoubled their efforts to prevent the coming of the Messiah and the redemption of the world.

When the unimaginable happens and your world turns upside-down, where can you find certainty?

In the middle of the Eighteenth Century, Lisbon was perhaps the wealthiest city in Europe, the third busiest port in the World and the centre of the mighty Portuguese empire. It was also one of the most “religious” Catholic cities in the World. Its seven hills were replete with churches, chapels and monasteries, dripping with trappings of wealth and prosperity, their altars adorned with gold, silver and precious gems..

It is good to be given a glimpse into Heaven. The Book of Revelation affords us this luxury and ensures that, thereafter, our lives cannot remain the same 22 CHRIST IN ETERNITY No artistic depiction could give justice to the sheer magnificence of Christ on his throne in heaven. p22-23(13-3)Rev2WrenMO.qxp_PhilipWren 23/05/2018 15:26 Page 1 

How do you know that you are saved? It is time to ignore the taunts of the enemy and turn to the Word of God. 

Who do we turn to when we believe our religious freedoms are being curtailed1Should those from other worldviews have the same privilege? 

The womb is meant to be a place of safety and nurturing. It has become a battlefield like no other. 

Childhood is meant to be the best time of our lives. To an increasing number it can be the very worst