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Volume: 14     Issue: 5

Holiness is not ‘done with mirrors’ – it’s undone with mirrors. Be sure that your forgiveness never flows backwards!

Fake news and questionable theologies abound. How can we navigate with confidence? (SWORD COMMUNITY)

For the last few years there has been a service offered by the Saltshakers website that has proven a lifeline for many.

Are we in danger of repeating mistakes that have had tragic consequences?



Stories of Christians fighting back, holding fast and being helped in the midst of persecution.

Christians staged a sit-in at a church in Egypt on 17 July to protest about the building’s continued closure, which has forced them to hold another funeral on the streets. Members of the 2,500-strong Christian community in Koum al-Raheb village, close to the city of Samalout, agreed to end their protest only after police assured them a way would be found to provide a licensed church in the village.

How can churches achieve a balanced view without compromising the Gospel?

‘When I affirm my belief in the promises of God to Israel, someone always comes along to take away my freedom’. This was a confession made to me by a Pastor I was visiting. I spend quite a bit of my time speaking to church leaders about Israel and their churches. Many have a story about people in their church who have an unhealthy focus on Israel to the point of obsession. And for some pastors, parking the whole subject is the easiest option.

Is it enough to be do-gooders?

It was tipping it down. The car park was awash and I was carting a couple of bags of fertiliser for the roses. Not ideal … and it was my birthday! I approached our car and overheard one end of a phone conversation: “Well dear, she's obviously in need of real help, so why doesn't she make contact with a local church? After all, that's what the Church is for !” Her car was on the move as I heaved the bags into the boot.


We need to be aware that rebellion and witchcraft are on the rise in our society


One New Man is alive and well in the unlikeliest of places …

An insightful report into the Messianic Congregations, Jewish life and history in Ukraine today and how the concept of One New Man is being worked out there.

Did Jesus bring a unique approach, or did he build on what came earlier?

Yeshua (Jesus) is rightly revered as a great teacher, but was His approach entirely new or actually in line with the teaching methods employed in His own Bible ( Tanach or “Old Testament”) ? This article argues that as Yeshua was both Jewish Messiah and the Word of God we should expect to see continuity and consistency throughout Scripture.

As we approach the end, what is to be our inheritance?

The millennial reign of Christ demonstrates why only those who freely chose to follow and obey Jesus can enter the Eternal City. This article continues the series ‘Revelations of Jesus Christ’ from the book of Revelation.

What are the ‘Appointed Times’ and how can they enrich our lives?

Patterns are both useful and comforting. Life is full of patterns upon which we depend. There are 365 days in a year, unless it’s a leap year. The seasons are dependable; Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter follow in strict order. Each day the sun rises, reaches its zenith and later sets.

A dark day for the Church of England, but a victory for the Gospel

On July 9th 1984, Dr Robert Runcie, the Archbishop of Canterbury, stood outside York Minster, among the burning embers of a fire that had been raging all night and uttered these words, “the Lord was on our side as we battled with those flames”. He may have been the highest ranking churchman in the land … but he may also have been very wrong!

SEEING THE BIGGER PICTURE Looking forward to Eternity is not a form of escapism; it’s what we’re meant to do – to be effective in this world

“There are only two days in my calendar: This day and that Day.” Martin Luther’s words follow that of the Apostle Paul – and the lead of their Saviour Jesus. Shouldn’t we think the same way in order to be an obedient and effective witness to the One who has chosen us by grace?

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