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Volume: 14     Issue: 2

Abraham was circumcised in two places. That’s why his hope is the answer to anti-Semitism and every form of racism – is yours?


Our worship to God is not just about singing songs. Rosie Smith is a valued member of the Foundations team. Here she talks briefly about her particular calling.

What is Prophetic art? Is it in the Bible? Did the idea come from God in the first place? “Now, son of man, take a block of clay, put it in front of you and draw the City of Jerusalem on it.” Ezekiel 4.1

One New Man is a Biblical promise, yet how has it panned out in reality…? 

In terms of the relationship between Jew and Gentile, there are two key passages of Scripture. We have the One New Man of Ephesians 2, of course, but we also have the warnings to the Gentiles given in Romans 11. Taking the two together and using the tools of form and function I believe we can formulate a pretty good summary and way forwards in our search for ‘Oneness’.

We have always wanted to do things our way. The problem is living with the consequences

A number of years ago, a brother in Messiah wrote a book called The Last of the Giants, referring to Islam. Though Islam may become a part of it, I see humanism as the last of the giants that the Church must confront. As I thought more about this, I realized that humanism was the first of the giants as well.

We may grumble at a few spots of rain, but the weather has saved our nation more times than we realise

There was a documentary on TV recently, a dumbed-down life of Queen Elizabeth 1st, aired by Channel 5. It devoted just a few minutes to the threatened invasion of Britain by the Spanish Armada in 1588 and gave the sole reason for its defeat as the efforts of Francis Drake. Almost as an afterthought, they concluded with the words, “then the ships were blown northwards”.


It is good to hear His Voice, but even better to know His presence

What is ‘One New Man’ and why has the Church failed to grasp exactly what it means?

So where is the One New Man today? Is he still waiting in the wings to appear on the world stage as the result of some great end-time revival? Or is there some connection with us ‘putting on the new man’, as a result of the spirit of our minds having been renewed?

From a kitchen in Kent to Jerusalem and beyond, how one man’s vision has impacted people from all over the world.

It seemed like an ordinary, though inspiring, evening meeting. Pilgrim’s Hall was the place for a weekend conference for The Full Gospel Businessmen’s Fellowship International. The date was October 1998. Little did I realise what a significant conference that would be …

Is life out there? Scientists are wasting billions of dollars on a fruitless search, without realising that The Life is already here!

In our previous article we reflected on the likelihood that in 2020-21 “life” will be claimed to have been discovered on Mars. This “discovery” whether real or false, will serve two principle purposes in our age: (1) justify and impel further financial investment in the progression of such “knowledge” and (2) affirmation of the various, if often contradictory, theories of evolution, so reinforcing the claim that ‘God is dead’.

The final warnings are given to an unrepentant world followed by wrath. When will the wheat and tares be harvested?

Jesus opened His ministry with a quotation from Isaiah. It started with the words “The Spirit of the Lord is upon me” and ended with, “to proclaim the favourable year of the Lord” (Luke 4: 18 – 19). The prophecy in Isaiah 61: 2 continues with the words “And the day of vengeance of our God”.


Increasing anti-Christian regulations worldwide provide a sharp reminder of our troubled times.

The Bulgarian Parliament has agreed not to pass into law prohibitive amendments to the nation’s Religious Denominations Act after thousands of Christians protested against a crackdown on the religious activity of minority religions.


It’s not just Brexit, but with the rise of religious persecution and attacks on our freedoms, we need to respond in prayer and action like never before

MPs voted by a majority of 230 to reject the Withdrawal Agreement from the European Union that Theresa May had struck with the EU. The defeat on January 15 put Brexit in doubt. However, it could also be seen as strengthening the case for Brexit without a deal.  After all, the majority of UK voters voted for Brexit, with no condition that it should be tied to any deal.

How often do we hear, ‘Let us now enter a time of worship? Shouldn’t we be worshipping God at all times?

There is a fairly well-known chorus that goes ‘I worship you, almighty God, there is none like you. We worship you, O Prince of peace, that is what we long to do …,’ based on Jeremiah 10 v 6. We tend to sing ’WE worship you almighty God’, for there is something so profound about our total unity and concentration on Him, the One who is worthy to be praised. Suddenly we are connected to Someone who is longing to connect with us..