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Volume: 15     Issue: 6

Some songs are beautiful, but it’s a pity we need them. Fix your focus and join the irreversible Church!

How did the true Gospel survive the turbulant history of the Church?

I have been greatly troubled as I delved deeper and deeper into Church history. I couldn’t help but think, where was the true Christian witness during this troubled history? Where was the authentic Gospel message during the Dark Ages, or at other times when Christendom was stifling the life out of the faith? Where were the faithful remnant to keep the torch flickering?

The Jewish people and the Land of Israel divide the World. Who is a true friend? Who are their enemies? Most importantly, what is their standing before God?

"America, America, God shed His grace on thee…" This line from a song we used to sing as children in America is the only answer to the division and destruction there today. It starts with God, as society and its laws cannot change people, but God can – and that often leads to a change in society. For the US, or any nation, to survive, it needs God's saving grace.

How wonderful it is to be fashioned by God through His commandments!

Psalm 119:73 reads, “Your hands have made me and fashioned me; Give me understanding, that I may learn Your commandments” (NKJV). This is the prayer of the man who loves the LORD’s commandments (verse 47), and it is obvious that he means more than just memorising the actual commandments. So, what does he mean?

How to live a ‘cross-shaped’ life.

Hatred for the brethren is a nasty fact of Church life.

That may shock you, but it is easily demonstrated. Consider the way in which we lovers of Israel write off brothers and sisters who are “Replacementists”, as though everything they believe about the Christian faith is somewhat suspect because of that single doctrinal position. “They don’t agree with my doctrine, and I insist that my doctrine is utterly biblical, so I will, at best, ignore them or even write them off as second class believers!”

The sad story of the Church’s treatment of God’s chosen people.

A re-assessment of 1 Timothy 2 .

How many will be saved. Is it a tiny remnant or a great multitude?

In the last edition of Sword I commented on the confusion within the church with regard to the fulfilment of end time prophecy. To clear that confusion I asked if the ‘The Prophetical Creed’ of Bishop J C Ryle might be used as a basis to build a consensus with regard to the revelation of things to come. A consensus which sets out what we are agreed upon and identifies those things on which we can hold different views.

The right to the land hidden in archives while propaganda flourished.

The stranglehold against Christian activity relentlessly continues.

The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is stepping up enforcement of its ban on the printing of Christian and other religious material by threatening printers and reprographics businesses with closure, and owners and staff with large fines or imprisonment..

There’s a lot more to Lot than meets the eye.

Genesis 19 seems to be a stand-alone account that may have little obvious relevance to us today. We are surely entitled to ask, however, whether it contains a message of which we need to be aware in our own day.

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