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Volume: 13     Issue: 4

God is not politically correct –with massive implications for His children and their mission…

Feeding from the ancient roots of the faith, without being strangled by them

Something interesting has been happening in an ‘upper room’ in a church clubhouse opposite the Post Office tower in Central London since early this year. A diverse group of people have decided that there’s something special about the Biblical calendar, so why not celebrate it?

How often do we comment: “I always enjoy listening to this speaker.” But what about the content of what they are saying?

John the Baptist may have presented himself to people in an unprepossessing manner with his locusts, animal skins and all, but his voice was another matter altogether. People flocked to hear it. They were not so much captivated by the quality of his delivery, but rather the content of his message. It had the power to change them.

In a society determined to accommodate every ‘victim’ group,where is the voice of the church? 

There is a ‘new humanity’ and a ‘lost humanity’, but how many people know they are lost, if the church fails to tell them?

It is a truly awesome thought that the spotless and sinless Son of God tasted depression. Where do WE go when there seems no way out?

Jesus tasted depression in Gethsemene and knows what it’s like. He also knows what we’re like; every thought and every deed. He says “I am with you always …” (Matt 28:20) and is with us in the darkest of times and in the depths of despair. 

Revelation: One of the least-opened books of the New Testament. Yet it reveals the future of the World to those who persevere.

In this fourth study from the series twelve revelations of Jesus Christ from the book of Revelation, we come to Christ in history. Jesus Christ is the central figure of all history. This study reminds us of His role in bringing salvation to mankind and the restoration of His creation.

Young people are being targeted with lies and deception. Who is speaking out against the forces of the enemy?

Since the dawn of time in this world, children have been at the forefront of the Lord’s holy and righteous concerns. No surprise then, that the Devil takes the opposite view.

5 year olds in Wales are to be taught about LGBTQ ‘rights’ under the deceivingly benign title of ‘Relationships and Sexuality Education’

“As the tsunami of liberalism sweeps through our society, sex has become a catalyst for the destruction of all that is seen as irrelevant in modern Britain – faith, morality, family and the exclusivity of a sexual relationship for which marriage is designed.” Gill Robins,Christians in Education  

Persecution of Christians is on the rise worldwide,but what about in the UK? 1

Persecution of Christians is on the rise globally. Blasphemy and apostasy laws in Islamic countries can lead to severe official punishments, plus “mob justice” and lynching. Christian converts from Islam are particularly vulnerable because of strict penalties for apostasy insharia law, but Christian-background Christians are also at serious risk from harassment, violence and economic marginalisation from Muslims, within their communities, in many countries.

God is not mocked… hypocrisy can be life-threatening

As a youngster I used to love our family gatherings. Dad had a superb, if untrained, tenor voice and his ‘party pieces’ were always in demand. Although, most often, he sang old Irish ballads, his playful humour would occasionally rise to a comic duet with one of my aunts: ‘Anything you can do, I can do better’. The song came back to mind when I was reading Dr Luke’s fifth chapter of Acts….

(By Theophilus)

The God of Biblical epics now behaves in a more civilised manner,surely? 

“We now have the right to control our own bodies” Who then speaks on behalf of the unborn child?

‘Diversity’ is now enforced in the workplace by law 1 How does that impact on the day-to-day lifeof a Christian?

A Christian friend was recently instructed to attend a compulsory Diversity Course at his place of work.  It seems that ‘Diversity’ is becoming the modern equivalent of ancient Rome’s ‘Lord’s Day’, when every citizen under Roman authority was required to acknowledge that Caesarwas ‘Lord’.