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Volume: 13     Issue: 6

"... Such were some of you". Sinners can write their own history – or they can let Jesus write their future!

A sober little headstone is multiplied in cemeteries around the world – suggesting multiple burial places for the deceased! Its weathered message is addressed to any casual visitor: Remember Man as you go by. As you are now so once was I. As I am now so shall you be. Prepare yourself to follow me

Using our bodies in worship is sadly neglected, but ultimately rewarding. Ask anyone who’s been to Foundations.

We have been blessed over the last few years to be associated with Ginnie White and her marvellous Sh’ma Kingdom Dancers. They have blessed so many people through their workshops and the evidence has been the number of people set free and empowered at our conferences through Hebraic dance.

Our world is a loud and noisy place. Is it possible to find meaning among the chaos?

It is surely about time that the World understands what is really going on in the Middle East

Our Shepherd speaks loud and clear to us.So why are we currently experiencing a famine in the Word?

There’s a fight to the death going on inside you right now and there’s no option of retirement!   But who’s fighting, and for what?

The battle started the minute you put your trust in Christ and will not stop until death, or the Lord’s Return, when the victory will be finally won – by our glorious Lord Himself. The battle is for your mind!

(By Theophilus)

When mankind needs a nudge, God has many things in His arsenal to wake us up.

In the fourteenth century, John Wycliffe was a “thorn in the flesh” of the established Church. William Courtenay, the Archbishop of Canterbury even went as far as to brand him a heretic. So what heinous doctrine was Wycliffe responsible for, to incur such ire?

If there’s ever a word that has been hijacked and twisted by our culture, it is “pride”.   It is time to get back to basics


This revelation of Jesus Christ confirms that He has not forsaken Israel.In fact, they still very much have a part to play …

The last study in this series assured us that, despite the apparent turmoil in the world, Jesus Christ is still sovereign. The fifth and sixth trumpets warn that a time of great woe is coming on the earth. In believing His word we will not be taken by surprise. Jesus said of these times, ‘See I have told you beforehand.’ The primary purpose of prophecy is to enable us to be prepared. 

Persecution against Christians has reached a new level in China. How would we fare under these pressures?

More than two hundred Chinese church leaders have issued a brave declaration calling for religious freedom, in an echo of the stands taken by German church leaders against the Nazis in the 1930s and Romanian church leaders against the Communist regime in the 1980s.1

All is well in the ‘abortion industry’and it seems some politicians are ‘aiding and abetting’ …

50 plus years of liberal legal access to abortion has inflicted on our nation a mass slaughter of innocent, vulnerable, unborn babies. At the time of writing nearly 9 million unborn babies have so far been killed by abortion in Britain.

The unseen holocaust continues. Surely there is some way we can make a difference? 

“God doesn’t care how we feel about abortion, He will want to know what we did to stop it.” Andy Stephenson, Evangelical Christian & Director of Pro-Life organisation, Abort67

The call to bridal preparation. That’s you and me, folks. Will we be ready?

On 29th August this year I received a very special e-mail.   I was out in Jerusalem at the time.  The e-mail contained the question, “Will you marry me?” Immediately I clicked ‘reply’ and wrote the words, “Yes, I will!” I believe that the Lord is putting out His call to us, His sons and daughters,“Will you be ready to marry me?  Will you prepare yourself for when I come?” What is our reply going to be?.