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Volume: 15     Issue: 1


Does Jesus really save – or merely offer a ‘jump start’? Do we have joy set before us – or do we need to take out insurance…?

Paul Luckraft explains his (not so secret) passion

Passion Play Music is a new CD of original music written to express aspects of the Easter story in purely musical form.

Most of the pieces were originally composed for piano by Paul Luckraft, a renowned Bible teacher and part of the Foundations teaching team. Recently these have been arranged for orchestra by a friend of his, Roger Boyce, who also produced the CD and whose own piece, Love and Sorrow, for solo violin and strings, was added as the central feature of the whole suite.

God introduces Himself before beginning to lay down the Law


As Bible literacy drops, Jew hatred increases and will continue until Jesus returns

The three of Jesus’ parables that remind us about caring for the individual.

Getting in tune with each other and the ‘Master Conductor’

Finding a place for God and His Word in our Nation and Church

When Jesus was born into this world, there was no room for him (Luke 2:7). So often in Scripture there was no room or place for God amongst His own people, as well as amongst the nations. Because, in Herod’s heart there was no room for another King in Judaea, Herod sought to kill and to displace Jesus (Matthew 2:13).

A prophetic look at Isaac and Israel and their link to Egypt

There are remarkable similarities between two seemingly impossible births; those of Isaac and the future spiritual regeneration (or birth) of the Jewish people. Just like other important births in the Bible, such as Jesus, a person being born again, or the Jewish return to the land of Israel, they are entirely dependent on God’s miraculous provision.

The evidence points to a Creator. But a rebellious world will not submit to the one who made us.

Jesus opened His ministry with a quotation from Isaiah. It started with the words “The Spirit of the Lord is upon me” and ended with, “to proclaim the favourable year of the Lord”. Luke 4: 18 – 19. The prophecy in Isaiah 61: 2 continues with the words “And the day of vengeance of our God”.

In the previous article we introduced the Moedim and how this ‘pattern’ speaks of Jesus. Here we continue to explore the wonderful truth that they speak powerfully of Jesus’ life, mission and ministry

A frontline soldier’s ongoing battle to rescue Jews

Working on the frontline of the global battle to rescue Jews from persecution is not for the fainthearted. But former head-teacher, lecturer and pastor Fred Wright will stop at nothing to help God’s chosen people make the journey back to their ancient land. And, at 72, he shows few signs of slowing down.

Why is the Davidic covenant so neglected … and so important?

What are the most important texts in the Bible? As all the Bible is the inspired Word of God, we should not seek to elevate one above another. However, there are pivotal points in the narrative of the Bible that we need to be familiar with, if we are to understand the sweep of Biblical and world history.

Even among fierce persecution the Gospel is still making inroads.

History was made on 11 November when the 200 millionth Chinese Union Version (CUV) of the Bible rolled off the printing press in China. Its production by the Amity Printing Company (APC) in Nanjing was celebrated at an official ceremony attended by leaders of the state-registered “three-self” church movement and representatives from the Chinese authorities.

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