if it matters to God

So God keeps some of His promises and ‘everlasting’ is date stamped? Time to re-trace Israel’s prophetic footprints… !

Why does the church have trouble with Israel when we confess the Lord God of Israel as Saviour? Do we, as ‘Bible-believers’, realise how much we matter to God – and how much it matters to God that He matters to us? ‘Lest we forget’, are we aware how much it matters to God, that what matters to him, should matter to us?

Israel – blind until…

Who brought the good news to the world? Who gave it to God-made Israel to give it to the nations of the earth? We know the answers; they can be traced to only one door. The footprint prophecies regarding Israel’s future as a nation, through the cold centuries of rejection, lead to the open door of God, which He has never closed. True, Israel is disobedient but, according to God’s word, while the door of God is presently open to the world, he has, for now, closed Israel’s eyes. Isaiah 29: 9-12 explains this: “The Lord has poured out upon you a spirit of deep sleep and has closed your eyes (the Prophets) and covered your heads (the seers). And the vision of all this is like the cover of a book that is sealed. When it is given to one who can read, ‘Read this’ he says, ‘I cannot read it for it is sealed.’ And when they give to one who cannot read, he says, ‘I cannot read.’”

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