cancelled or crucified?

People will cancel you today – but not if you’re already dead!

Here, let me help you. Leave your coats with me… I’ll watch them until you’re finished”. The helpful young man had an intense presence. He was clearly eager to watch the older men carry out God’s holy work… A high-octane crowd had gathered. Excited, angry voices and white-hot passions focussed entirely on one man, Greek[1]named by his parents for the winner’s podium. This was the enemy – God’s enemy. It was time to rid the world of him and his kind. It was so clear to everyone… this sinner must die under a hail of indignation – the stones of the righteous. As the murderous rain pounded his body, somehow he found the voice that all were meant to hear: “Lord Jesus, receive my spirit… do not hold this sin against them!” (Acts 7)

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