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Jeremiah’s warnings to his nation fell mostly on deaf ears. John McLaughlan sees parallels in today’s UK Church

In the book of Jeremiah certain dates locate his ministry in the history of Judah. Not every prophecy has a date attached, but one particular date occurs four times. It is the “fourth year of Jehoiakim” – according to 46:2 the year that Nebuchadnezzar finally defeated Pharaoh Neco at the battle of Carchemish.

Prior to this battle, Pharaoh Neco had defeated the army of Judah and killed King Josiah. From there he turned north and fought the Babylonians at Carchemish. There appears to have been no clear victor, for both sides retreated, but four years later Nebuchadnezzar actually defeated the Egyptians at Carchemish. In the minds of the people of Judah that event would be their ‘9/11’. The world scene was changing fast and Judah was only a small player with no power to influence what was happening.

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