What is this madness?

Since the 1960s there has been a subtle infiltration of ungodliness into Western society. It is time Christians woke up to it.

Back in September, I wrote of the ‘enemy within’, the subtle influence of what is called ‘Cultural Marxism’ in our culture, with the express objective of wrenching Western society away from its JudeoChristian roots, particularly targeting the structures of the traditional family. You can remind yourself of this article here 1.

So here we have an atheistic Marxist plan to strike at the heart of the JudeoChristian structures of society and, amazingly, they seem to have succeeded so far and we ask why nobody saw it coming? Perhaps being ‘hidden in plain sight’ made it possible for them to operate just below the surface of what seemed to be fairly predictable historical processes. It is easy to look at the counter-culture of the 1960s just as a venting of a generation spared the horrors of war with too much money to spend and too much energy to expend. It is beyond belief that this could have been a Marxist manipulation, orchestrated mainly by the thoughts and deeds of a collection of German Jewish academics. Being unbelievable doesn’t make it impossible, though.

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