Planned outrage!

As the world’s anger is diverted temporarily towards Syria,  the Jerusalem question  has not gone away.

This is Jerusalem! Global outrage to be expected. “Why do the nations rage and the people imagine vanity? Kings of the earth set themselves, and rulers take counsel together, against YHWH and His anointed, saying, ‘Let us tear off their shackles, and cast away their cords from us.’ He who sits in the heavens mocks: YHWH derides them. Then He speaks to them in His wrath, and terrifies them in His fierce displeasure.” [Note His answer to this:] “Yet have I set [lit: poured out; by implication “anointed”] My king upon My holy hill of Zion.” (Psa. 2:1-6) 

Responding to the USA ’s decision to relocate its embassy to Jerusalem, Russia’s President Putin, at a press conference with Turkey’s President Erdogan, said Trump’s move “destabilizes the already difficult situation in the region,”and may “finish prospects for the Palestinian-Israeli peace process.” Erdogan then accused Israel of using Trump’s move “to ramp up oppression against Palestinians,”claiming, without proof, that over 2,000 were injured by the IDF. Erdogan’s venom against Israel has exploded recently. Netanyahu responded, “I am not used to receiving lectures about morality from a leader who bombs Kurdish villagers in Turkey, who jails reporters, who helps Iran skirt international sanctions, and who helps terrorists, including in Gaza, kill innocent people.”(“Putin says US Jerusalem move may ‘finish prospects’ for peace deal,” TOI, 11 Dec. 2017)

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