presidents and precedents

This is the tale of two presidents, both eager to set a precedent for the future status of Jerusalem

Winds of war swirl around Israel, yet the spirit of liberalism and humanism that dominates the modern church blinds many to the truth that God’s prophetic word often comes to pass through bloodshed and death – the most obvious example being Messiah’s bloody death which fulfilled many prophecies. His resurrection affirms our salvation only because His real death redeemed us.

Ezekiel 37 says Israel will be restored from hopeless graves, a perfect picture of the Holocaust: real death leading to a real restoration, including becoming “an exceedingly great army.” Each time Israel is attacked, it repossesses more of its God-given lands (Oba. 1:15-17). With much of the Promised Land not yet under Israeli rule, how else will it secure these areas? When Messiah returns, there will be war, blood and death. If we do not recognize this truth, we can misjudge much of what God is doing. Without this, we cannot watch and pray effectively. At IFI, while we never pray for war, we are often restrained by His Spirit from praying against it. How could we even hear that if we thought that God is only ‘love’? He is love, but He is much more – including a “Man of War” (Ex. 15:3).

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