revelations in Revelation: Christ the Sovereign

God forewarns the World  with ‘Trumpet Blasts’ that history is reaching it’s climax. But if His own people avoid reading the book of ‘Revelation,’who will tell the World? 

The Bible is a prophetic book. Nearly one in three verses looks forward to events which were still future at the time of writing. Predictive prophecy is the seal on the Bible’s inspiration. It lifts Scripture from being the words of man to the assurance that we are studying the word of God. Biblical prophecy is not solely the outcome of the Lord’s greater intelligence that enables Him to make more accurate predictions of future events than us. Nor is it the result of His foreknowledge that enables Him to reveal the future. The Lord states in Isaiah, “New things I declare; before they spring forth I tell you of them.” Isaiah 42: 9.  Our God speaks the future into existence. He both determines and declares what will happen.

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