the Islamic elephant in the room

It is surely about time that the World understands what is really going on in the Middle East

Many smart people babble about the Middle East [ME] conflicts, or why Muslim immigrants are dangerous to the West, yet they never mention Islam’s ideology as the core problem. Islam demands war-to-the-death with all non-Muslims. All current political manipulations, appeasements and peace deals ignore this. While Muslims are deceived and trapped in this demonic kingdom, Christians avoid confronting this reality so as not to be labeled as ‘Islamophobic’. Yet by not speaking truth, the West and the Church are acting like dhimmis– second class citizens under Islam who are forbidden to speak against Allah or Islam, and must pay jizya – a humiliating tax from non-Muslims to Muslim authorities. That is being done now, as Western and Christian aid to Muslims is often seen by Muslims as jizya..

Natalia Osten-Sacken, a freelance journalist at, interviewed Mona Walter,45, a Swedish activist from Somalia, who fled as a Muslim refugee to Sweden almost 30 years ago. She became a Christian, received death threats, yet is an activist for religious freedom. Below are some of Walter’s responses.

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