Christ as Protector

Satan’s final kingdom will be used to separate the righteous from the wicked. But who are the 144,000 standing with the Lamb on Mount Zion?

This is the seventh article in the series ‘12 Revelations of Jesus Christ’ from the book of Revelation. In the previous instalment we looked at Christ and Israel. He still loves the Jews and will protect those who obey Him in these last days. We also saw how that the martyrs for Christ directly contribute to the downfall of Satan.

In this article we cover the final years leading up to the return of Christ Jesus. For a very brief period at the close of the age, a trinity of evil will be allowed to counterfeit the work of God in order to deceive men. This vision ends with a special group of people whom Christ has redeemed and protected throughout the time of trouble. They are seen, with Him, triumphant over the kingdom of this world.

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