Patterns to live by

What are the ‘Appointed Times’ and how can they enrich our lives?

Patterns are both useful and comforting. Life is full of patterns upon which we depend. There are 365 days in a year, unless it’s a leap year. The seasons are dependable; Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter follow in strict order. Each day the sun rises, reaches its zenith and later sets.

God uses patterns – indeed He wisely and graciously set certain patterns in place for our benefit and blessing. Whilst there are a number of patterns that God graciously uses, He set out His pattern for life and His pattern for relationship for the blessing of all Mankind, especially through His chosen people, the Hebrews. In this series of articles we explore this pattern – called the Moedim – and see how it speaks to us of the life, ministry and mission of Jesus.

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