The Voice pt 15

Is it enough to be do-gooders?

It was tipping it down. The car park was awash and I was carting a couple of bags of fertiliser for the roses. Not ideal … and it was my birthday! I approached our car and overheard one end of a phone conversation: “Well dear, she’s obviously in need of real help, so why doesn’t she make contact with a local church? After all, that’s what the Church is for !” Her car was on the move as I heaved the bags into the boot.

That’s what the Church is for!” Sounds right … but is it right? Is that what the Church is for – to be an agency for doling out help to anyone in need? It’s certainly the common view and most people would be happy with it. Doing good is what “good Christians” engage in because that’s what Jesus engaged in. He went about doing good. Simple.

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