No room

Finding a place for God and His Word in our Nation and Church

When Jesus was born into this world, there was no room for him (Luke 2:7). So often in Scripture there was no room or place for God amongst His own people, as well as amongst the nations. Because, in Herod’s heart there was no room for another King in Judaea, Herod sought to kill and to displace Jesus (Matthew 2:13).

In John 8:37, Jesus told the descendants of Abraham, “You are ready to kill me, because you have no room for my word.” Jesus faced a series of challenges from the Pharisees. They appeared to want Him to validate His testimony (John 8:13), but really they wanted to kill Him, just as Herod had wanted to kill Him. In reality, these Pharisees were not the children of Abraham. Abraham was not their father. Their father was the devil (John 8:44) and their desires and deeds were of their father, the devil. The devil, Jesus explained, was a murderer from the beginning.

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