Watchmen from Jerusalem

Shalom from Zion

God’s Word is our rock, especially as He seems to be shaking everything (Isa. 2:19-21; Joel 3:16; Hag. 2:6-7). The reason we trust in His Word is because it comes from Him. If we receive an e-mail from someone we know to be truthful, we tend to trust what is written. If the person has a history of lying, we would scan the e-mail much more judiciously – and rightly so.

Most English Bibles translate Psalm 138:2b this way: “You have magnified Your Word above all Your name.” Yet the Hebrew is better translated, “for You have magnified Your Word upon all Your name.” His Word is founded on His name, His identity and character. He is the Truth and so is His Word (John 14:6; 17:17). He is trustworthy, as is His Word (Deut. 7:9; Psa. 119:86, 138; Isa. 25:1). Both He and His Word are light (John 8:12; 9:5; Psa. 119:105; 2 Pet. 1:19) and life (John 14:6; Phil. 2:16) and eternal (Deut. 33:27; Psa. 119:89; 1 John 5:7).

The one sure way to discern what is happening in the world today will not be by reading the headlines – but by reading and meditating and praying on His lines found in His Word!

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