Nightmare on Chapel Street

A young preacher stood gazing out over a congregation of aged, though
attentive listeners. This was the young man’s very first sermon and the little
Baptist Chapel nestles still in the heart of that Somerset village. A startlingly
beautiful girl had come with him as moral support and she sat, smiling, at the
back as he launched into his message.

That young man was me and the lovely girl sitting in the back pew was Lindy,
later to become my darling wife of fifty-three years! You will appreciate how
anxious I was to impress Lindy with this my very first sermon. I certainly
succeeded in impressing her. When we got back to the car and I turned to her in
smug satisfaction, she ripped into me in a manner that scared me! As well it
might. I had done a terrible thing: I had lectured those poor people and had not
ministered the Word of God. It was an error never to be repeated. Lindy saw to

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