The Streets of Tel Aviv

A couple of weeks ago, on my return from a ministry trip, I had to confess something to my family:
the previous week I had visited a brothel for the first time in my life. Now before you move onto the
next article, stick with me.

If any of the readers of this article have been to Israel, you will be aware that as you fly into Ben
Gurion Airport, you fly in over the Mediterranean Coast and see the sprawling city of Tel Aviv, the
beautiful beaches, the busy streets and the bright sunshine, or alternatively the myriad lights of the
city that definitely never sleeps. The city looks bright and welcoming.

Then you may find yourself on a tour, visiting busy street markets, authentic historical sights, eating
Falafel or Shawarma. Maybe, you will take a boat ride on the beautiful Galilee or float in the Dead
Sea. Some may scale the heights of Masada or wander the streets of Jaffa. In the end its Jerusalem,
with its contrast of old and new, the bright Jerusalem stone and the iconic view of the Temple
Mount from the Mount of Olives.

However, not many will have seen the other side of Israel. The side that is just as common in any
other major city in the world. Almost directly below one of the main flight paths into Ben Gurion
Airport is a street nicknamed ‘Death St’. It’s so called because it is in the centre of Tel Aviv’s
roughest areas. Homelessness, prostitution, drugs and alcohol abuse abound there.

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