Safe but sound pt3

There’s to be no turning back, whatever the temptations are! Chris Hill explains.

The Lord has laid John 6:60-65 on my heart and I had best discharge my responsibility! Temptation to turn back from following the Lord can overtake us from time to time.
It should come as no surprise when unregenerate church attenders fall away, but we should also never be surprised when we see people we believe to be genuine believers cooling in their devotion to Jesus, or even when we ourselves go through a low period and are tempted to cool off. The way of genuine discipleship is a hard and narrow way.

There are indeed occasions when pressures of various kinds can lead to a falling back into a period of lukewarmness. For the true disciple of Jesus these occasions cause great personal distress. We can even begin to doubt if we were ever true Christians in the first place! The situation is not helped when certain preachers encourage doubt by telling us we should not presume on our status before God. They tell us that if events combine to shake us and lead us down into a low level of faith, our Father may cast us off and treat us as if we were never His children. That seems to me to be perfect torment, causing anxiety and fear.

“Have I reached that point of no return?”

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