A God Who Disrupts!

How do we know that our plans are God’s plans?

The book of Ezekiel presents us with some very uncomfortable pictures of the LORD, and of His dealings with His people. In our comfortable western church the LORD is relatively easy to live with. He does not rock my boat too much and He loves me anyway, so need I bother with the picture of the LORD that Ezekiel presents to me?

The vision that Ezekiel had at the beginning of the book is a truly awesome one. It left Ezekiel stunned for seven days (3:15). And he did not even see the LORD Himself! He describes what he saw as “the appearance of the likeness of the glory of the LORD” (1:28). When he tries to describe what he saw he is obviously stuck for the words that would be needed to properly describe what he saw, but unfortunately, such words are not in our human vocabulary.

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