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What are the current prospects for peace?

Words of wisdom from S.H. Kellogg’s 1899 The Book of Leviticus, sum up events in today’s societies. He was discussing what theologians call the Holiness Law in Leviticus 18-20. “The church needs to come back to the full recognition of the principles which underlie the Levitical code; especially…that marriage and the family are not merely civil arrangements but divine institutions; so that God has not left it to the caprice of a majority to settle what shall be lawful in these matters”

Kellogg continues: God says that “…holiness is the moral [goal] of government and of life; and He will find ways to enforce His will in this … All history witnesses that moral corruption and relaxed legislation, especially in matters affecting the relations of the sexes, brings in their train sure retribution, not in Hades, but here on Earth. Let us not miss the lesson by imagining that this law was for Israel, but not for other peoples.” The opposite is affirmed in Leviticus 20:23-24, where we see “that God visited his heavy judgments” on the Canaanites who did the things forbidden in His holiness law, and the land spit (sic) them out! Modern democracies must rethink “their pro-gressive repudiation of the law of God in many social questions, and heed this solemn warning. For, despite the unbelief of multitudes, the Holy One still governs the world, and it is certain He will never abdicate his throne of righteousness to submit any of His laws to the sanction of a popular vote.”

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